A.F.S.F. has been part of the Italian culinary history since 1834. It’s listed as one of Italy’s Historical Place (the list of the oldest and most prestigious restaurants, hotels, and cafes of Italy).
My relationship with A.F.S.F. started in 2010 when Feltrinelli Group takes over to enter in the restaurant business developing two new concepts in addition to growing the existing A.F.S.F. brand. I was asked to be part of this project to develop an operational system to support the creation of a chain store of three different brands and concepts. A.F.S.F. restaurants, Caffe La Feltrinelli, and Read Eat Dream.
Activities for AFSF involved the study and development of core recipes for a high volume production; keeping traditional flavors as a final result was the challenge. Production from this lab was to be distributed among the chain of new opening stores. Staff training in the store units was very important to assure the correct preparation and presentation of A.F.S.F. brand products. I created a continuous training program to assure quality in the manipulation process. A seasonal menu leaded to the frequent renewal and menu design activities were done on a daily basis. Food Cost Control is always a must to keep up productivity. A continuous work and research of prime product providers, optimization of product use and preparation improvements led to better control in food quality and waste.